CAA Subjects

To become a Certified Actuarial Analyst you need to pass six modules. These modules consist of an entry test, the main actuarial modules and a practical test of essential modelling skills.

Title Assessment
Module 0 * Entry Test (Fundamental Mathematics and Statistics) Computer-based testing
Module 1 Finance and Financial Mathematics Computer-based testing
Module 2 Statistics and Models Computer-based testing
Module 3 Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics Computer-based testing
Module 4 Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics Computer-based testing
Module 5 ** Models and Audit Trails Practical exam delivered online

* Students must pass this before they take any further modules.
** Students can only attempt this module after all other modules have been passed.

Details of exam sessions and more information about each module, including a Resource Guide (which includes the syllabus and a specimen set of questions) can be found on the CAA Global website.

You can access the spreadsheet for the Module 5 Worked Example Project by clicking on the link below: